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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Google’s Idea of ‘Content is King’

3 August 2007 by Mother Superior

I searched for the words ‘content is king’ on Google today and the third result was a link to a page on the Microsoft website that lists Bill Gate’s many articles and the publications they have appeared in. The phrase I Googled was not in evidence and so I cached the result and found the following response:

These terms only appear in links pointing to this page: content king

This throws up a debate about the way Google search is going. The Microsoft site is a true behemoth on the web so it is always going to rank well for a term but to rank well when the term does not appear on the page – will this satisfy the searcher? Ordinarily you would say no. However, if there are a high number of links into that page that actually have the words ‘content king’ embedded in the link, then this would suggest that public opinion directs the searcher to this page.

Further down the page is the line – ‘content is king but linking is queen’. Are we seeing an innovation of the two – and is this a good thing for search?