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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

E-commerce Transparency

24 May 2007 by Mother Superior

A new survey about internet consumers highlights a few very pleasing things that people like myself have been telling clients for some time. The survey by MoreComputers concentrates on the aspects of e-commerce sites that users find particularly displeasing.

Having to register before being able to buy irks more than half of us, while hidden delivery costs are a pain for over a third of us. One of the biggest ‘trust rating’ statistics is that 50% of those surveyed said they would never buy from a website that did not show it’s telephone number. This is one thing, I am consistently advising people on.

It’s also fairly ironic, because in order to find a contact number on the MoreComputers website you have to click deep into the contact us section. Eventually you find it but it might be an idea for them to take notice of their own research if they want to avoid alienating half their visitors.