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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

E-commerce Transparency

24.5.2007 by Mother Superior

A new survey about internet consumers highlights a few very pleasing things that people like myself have been telling clients for some time. The survey by MoreComputers concentrates on the aspects of e-commerce sites that users find particularly displeasing. Having to register before being able to buy irks more than half of us, while hidden delivery costs are a pain for over a third of us. One of the biggest 'trust rating' statistics is that 50% of those surveyed said they would never buy from a website that did not show it's telephone number. This is one thing, I am…

Online Ad Spend up, Microsoft + ITV Play Catch-up

21.5.2007 by Mother Superior

For the first time since Internet adspend began its dizzying climb, television advertising spend has dropped. A new report into online adspend shows that in the UK internet advertising has now broken the £2bn mark. When I began watching these…

Driving a Double Message in Web 2.0

18.5.2007 by Mother Superior

My viral video chart this morning alerted me to a great example of brand building. I hadn't come across before but a recent viral video posted on YouTube has certainly brought them a wider audience. It has been online…

Businesses Behind Social Networking

17.5.2007 by Mother Superior

In the UK, many businesses are discovering the benefits of working with social media in order to build their brand. It is often seen as a leap of faith for a business to put its stall out on a site…

Broadsheets Prepare for the Virtual Upgrade

10.5.2007 by Mother Superior

Yesterday I attended a seminar session in Manchester called Meet the Northern Correspondents, which added to the newspapers' online debate. The two speakers were Helen Carter of The Guardian and James Wilson of the FT. Helen revealed that some departments…

BBC’s iPlayer Gets go Ahead With Microsoft

1.5.2007 by Mother Superior

There has been a small cloud of controversy over the BBC's development of their on demand services - known as the iPlayer. As they are a little behind the game for visual downloads it's not surprising that they are eager…