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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Online Elections in the US and France

24 April 2007 by Mother Superior

It seems to me that politicians are really harnessing the internet now and truly undertanding the power that it can afford them. Well, they are in the US and France anyway. It’s not just that the presidential candidates themselves are doing it but by extention the online community is also creating a buzz about each politician.

So while the Huffington Post is announcing that it will host the first online debate for the US Presidential election race and the French are racing online to scrutinise each of their candidates websites, I had a look at our probable leader-to-be and his presence online.

If it weren’t for and the No:10 website, Gordon Brown would have a very limited online presence indeed. He doesn’t have his own site or blog and the labour party seem to be making much less effort as a whole to garner support on the web than their Conservative rivals. Most importantly, Brown is making no effort to be available to people online.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Brown’s own website appears at a time when his advisors convince him it is necessary. The only problem is that by then, it will be too late to win the real support of people who want to trust and respect the candidate that they vote for.