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We Send Less Spam But Get Just as Much

17 April 2007 by Mother Superior

It’s obviously good news that the UK has fallen out of the ‘dirty dozen’ spam sending nations in a new report by Sophos but the main reason we have fallen out of the list seems to be because other nations are now sending more, rather than the fact that we are sending less.

The new report which compares Q1 2007 to the same time last year also notes that Europe has now overtaken Asia as the largest spamming continent. Increases across many parts of mainland Europe have been compounded by a huge surge in spam from Poland which has almost doubled in a single year.

India is one of the nations responsible for knocking the UK out of the top 12, as is Taiwan but the biggest newcomer to the Spamming ‘dirty dozen’ is Italy accounting for 5 per cent of the world’s spam.

One last interesting factor is that China, while still in second place has reduced its spam percentile from 21.9 per cent to 7.5 per cent in a single year. In comparison, the US has only managed to reduce its contribution by 3.3 per cent.