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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Where is Internet Safety Week?

27 March 2007 by Mother Superior

Yesterday, the BBC along with Get Safe Online published the results of a survey about Internet safety. There are some interesting, yet not all that surprising percentages in the stats.

The biggest eye opener is that less than half of us actually realise that the responsibility for protecting our personal data starts with us as users. One in six thought the responsibility should lie with the banks instead.

It’s also interesting that five percent of people had experienced online fraud and also had their bag, wallet or mobile phone stolen, showing that online fraud is not always originated from information gathered online.

The survey is supposed to begin an Internet Safety Week, however, apart from two articles on the BBC website, there doesn’t appear to be anything else online that actually delivers this agenda. It’s a shame because if the survey shows anything, it’s that the general public need encouragements to learn more about how to be safe online.