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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Static or Dynamic – a Difficult Choice?

13 March 2007 by Mother Superior

It amazes me that so many people involved in key business decisions do not realise the difference between a static website and one with dynamic content and functionality.

People as consumers will demand a lot from the Internet. Sites have to be fast, straightforward and easy to use. The sites that we spend time on and add to our bookmarks are those that we can interact on or at least carry out some sort of function.

So why do many people running their own websites not choose to provide the same level of service that they expect as consumers?

There may be over 1.5million businesses in the UK with a web presence but I wonder how many of these are actually delivering the same level of service as they demand when browsing.

It’s probably the two percent that are making 75 per cent of the Internet’s revenue.