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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Trojan Attackers Focus on eBay

6 March 2007 by Mother Superior

I think the popular perception is that email viruses are the most popular form of attack for cyber criminals – no doubt because they invade our own privacy in a tangible way. However, according to Sophos, the number of such viral attacks is by far outweighed by Trojan threats.

Eighty per cent of all malware detected in 2006 came in the form of Trojans and eBay is currently facing its own problems. Malware is now very sophisticated and many hackers have graduated from attempting generalised attacks to being very targeted indeed. In this instance people bidding on car auctions are being directed to fake sites that mimic the functionality and look of eBay.

There are still hundreds of fake pop-ups out there that tell you about the free laptop you have won but most of us are wise to them now. The ones we need to be wary of are those taking on organisations like eBay and creating versions of the site that are both cosmetically convincing and dynamically similar.

As consumers we have to be constantly vigilant about which links we click on and where they are taking us, especially before we give away any private data.