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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

YouTube a Short Term Phenomenon?

2 March 2007 by Mother Superior

Viacom’s announcement that traffic is substantially up on its various video content sites is dangerous news for YouTube, which was instructed to remove all content belonging to the media producer just over a month ago.

According to Google Trends it’s less than a year since YouTube’s traffic overtook that of MTV, Viacom’s most successful website.

The big question is, how long would it be before the trend reversed back again if all content providers demanded their content be pulled, leaving only user generated video on the site. There’s obviously a huge mix of content on the site but a quick glance at the most viewed videos on there at the moment indicates that seven out of the top ten are big studio music videos, broadcasted animations or televised content. Two of the remaining three are adverts, most likely posted by the brand themselves and only one of the top ten is user generated.

A worst case scenario would be a YouTube where 66% of the viewed content is adverts. How long would YouTube last?

Obviously, YouTube has put some deals in place to make sure this is not so, but would it be such a bad thing if YouTube were to revert back to user generated content as its mainstay? Afterall, that’s what made its name.