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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Mobile Revolution

27 February 2007 by Mother Superior

Last week, I met up with Pete Petrondas of Eazyfone Group. They are the team behind which has fast become the most successful mobile phone recycling scheme in the UK. They were the first to start offering cash in exchange for your old mobiles and after any necessary reconditioning, they ship them out to other countries such as India and Nigeria. Business is booming and it’s little wonder. One of the main reasons for this must be that the mobile revolution has once again well and truly begun!

Mobile ad spend is now becoming a feature on the advertising landscape and there are predictions that along with Internet and gaming, mobile ad spend will become 15% of the market by 2010. By this time it’s hard to know just how much functionality our mobile phones will have. One thing is for sure however; each time mobile Internet advances we’re likely to jump straight online and find out how much our current phone is worth to before we upgrade.