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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

The Road to Web Transparency

31 January 2007 by Mother Superior

When I visit a website and there are no contact details that place the company in a geographical area or names of company members I am always immediately suspicious of the legitimacy of the business. Transparency is something that has always split the web between those who are open and those who seem guarded.

There are two articles in today’s news that support the shift towards transparency. Studies by both Booz Allen Hamilton and Nielsen//NetRatings are warning us that businesses are not people friendly enough for the online environment.

Another step in the right direction are the new rules on disclosure of company details, which were extended to cover websites and emails at the start of this year. This means that businesses have to display their corporate name place of registration, registered number and the address of its registered office in legible characters.

E-commerce sites have additional rules to comply to as well, which all serve to help us as consumers feel safer about spending money or building relationships with the businesses that we find online.