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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

IPTV is Coming Ready or Not

29 January 2007 by Mother Superior

On one hand, we have Bill Gates, talking with abandon about TV on the Internet and how we’ll look back in five years and laugh at what we once had. On the other, a new report provides a wary view of TV’s future and unsurprisingly comes from a traditional broadcasting perspective.

Video online has a huge advantage having seen the mistakes and successes of the music industry and many broadcasters and online video providers have already presented a working model. If broadcasters hold back from experimenting now they are likely to be the ones who fall foul of the pirate market first.

Is it wise for traditional broadcasters to show their hesitation to move online? Those who grab the challenge and run with it have the best chance of being there in five years time when scheduled programming is the marginalised format and user preference is driving the industry.