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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Spam and Google Blog Search

11 January 2007 by Mother Superior

All across the news today are reports about spam levels. Image spam is one of the biggest problems in everyone’s inbox but it’s not just email that delivers spam. Chris Richardson believes that search results spam is a frontier on which Google must improve this year, especially within its blog search.

I have also noticed through the various Google Alerts that I have set up, the amount of blog redirects that are appearing in the blog search rankings. These are manufactured blogs designed to forward you away from what you are looking for and on to a spammers website instead. To further compound Google’s problem, Chris points out that the majority of these ‘spam blogs’ are actually set up in Google’s own software, Blogger.

We’ve already looked at Google’s dominance of the search market on the blog this year and the possibility that the only avenues for catching Google lie in emerging formats such as mobile search but this brings up an interesting point. If search engine spam grows at the rate email spam has done how quickly will we be looking for alternatives to the engines that we currently use if the problem is not fixed?