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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Browser Wars Continue

10 January 2007 by Mother Superior

Browser usage statistics for 2006, provided by Net Applications show that Mozilla has once again decreased the margin between IE and Firefox. Two years ago Microsoft was providing the web interface for 90 per cent of Internet users. Now more and more people are moving over to the world’s second favourite browser with Firefox enjoying an increase in users of 50% this year giving it 14 per cent worldwide.

And Mozilla’s Asa Dotzler has started the New Year by taking a tough line on browser’s communications with customers as it is revealled that Opera has potentially put customers at risk by not disclosing security vulnerabilities. Dotzler even goes as far as saying that arch rival IE would be more forthcoming with information than Opera has been.

The impact of IE7 has yet to be determined but I suspect that 2007 will be another good year for Firefox, which in my mind remains the market leader when it comes to innovation and company transparency.