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Any Brits in the Alexa 100?

19 December 2006 by Mother Superior

Not as many as we’d like is the answer.

Lets take the top 50 sites ranked by Alexa for traffic in the UK. There’s only one British company in the top 10 and that’s the BBC. In fact only one third of the top 50 are native UK businesses.

You can get an indication of what Brits look for online by breaking down the list. Of the 17 companies, 5 are Media, 5 are directories/listings, 4 are Internet retail and the other 3 are Royal Mail, HSBC and

So, of the top 50 there are only 4 British businesses selling a tangible e-commerce product. Two of these happen to be High Street giants – Argos and Tesco. The other two are original e-tailers – and

It’s not easy to get there for an retail entrepreneur, but as you can see, it’s not impossible either.