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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Convergence and Diversifying Your Traffic

18 December 2006 by Mother Superior

It seems that writing about convergence these days always brings one pre-requisite with it: Google.

Following talks with Orange the search leader is preparing to deliver a new generation of mobile phone content in what is described as a multi-billion dollar partnership.

Just yesterday a colleague and I were discussing the time it takes to access the net on a mobile phone and the quality of information available. I joked that we should download Google Earth. And now, the two superbrands are looking to make this a reality by 2008.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Orange followed this up with the acquisition of Tiscali’s UK division, which is on the plate for around £600m right now. However, Orange is reportedly up against BT, BSkyB, NTL and Carphone Warehouse amongst others.

The online landscape is changing quickly and deals being done now are likely to have major influences on the state of the net in the years to come.