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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Convergence and Keeping your Traffic

7 December 2006 by Mother Superior

We’re experiencing the early stages of convergence and the big players are doing their best to bolster online offerings so that once they’ve got visitors, they keep them as long as possible.

SKY is a good example, having just announced a new deal with Google, which extends News Corp’s relationship with the Search giant into the TV online arena. The deal allows them to have that little bit more control over the choices users make while on their sites.

We’ve looked at News Corp before and Murdoch’s about turn on the Internet. I’m interested to see how the public debate over SKY’s stake in ITV will develop considering last night’s meeting of MP’s at Parliament.

Elsewhere, Richard Branson has called it undemocratic and C4 are equally unhappy. Of course, the debate is about much more than just TV. ITV has been diligently developing an online offering including it’s acquisition of Friends Reunited a year ago this week. Couple this with SKY and you have the most comprehensive network of online content in the UK.

It’s no wonder they’re all a little unhappy. Only the BBC will be able to compete and I wonder how much they’ll struggle.