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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

The Internet’s Big Three for 2007

20.12.2006 by Mother Superior

As this is one of my last posts for 2006, I think it's worth projecting forward to next year, considering what the biggest areas of Internet advancement will be and what businesses need to think about in order to maximise. I'd like to pinpoint three things that we should be looking at. The first is RSS. 2007 will mark a split between people who browse for content and those who choose content to be delivered to them. Every business needs to offer an RSS feed. Newsletters, press releases, special offers, industry news, company news, free giveaways should all be available…

Any Brits in the Alexa 100?

19.12.2006 by Mother Superior

Not as many as we'd like is the answer. Lets take the top 50 sites ranked by Alexa for traffic in the UK. There's only one British company in the top 10 and that's the BBC. In fact only one…

Convergence and Diversifying Your Traffic

18.12.2006 by Mother Superior

It seems that writing about convergence these days always brings one pre-requisite with it: Google. Following talks with Orange the search leader is preparing to deliver a new generation of mobile phone content in what is described as a multi-billion…

Domain Name or RSS Which Will Matter Most?

15.12.2006 by Mother Superior

With the announcement that is being sold for £1.5m it's clear that emphasis on the right web name is still hugely important. However, with RSS becoming more mainstream, how much does the name of the site really matter? I…

Convergence and Keeping your Traffic

7.12.2006 by Mother Superior

We're experiencing the early stages of convergence and the big players are doing their best to bolster online offerings so that once they've got visitors, they keep them as long as possible. SKY is a good example, having just announced…

Exhibitions and Speakers for Inspiration

6.12.2006 by Mother Superior

At the end of November, I was at the B2B North West exhibition at GMEX in Manchester and was very impressed with one thing in particular: They had some very influential and successful entrepreneurs speaking. I initially went along to…