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Podcasting for all Manchester Businesses

7 November 2006 by Mother Superior

Since beginning our collaboration with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce last month, we’ve released two great podcasts.

The first covers economic secretary Ed Balls’ visit to Manchester in October (as mentioned here last month) and answers some of the regions biggest questions about government funding and the ways to direct the finances to strong economic cities like Manchester.

The second takes a very different angle on Manchester businesses, presenting the highlights from the MEN Business of the Year Awards, which took place last week. There are interviews with all the winners and some opinions from Chris Barry, business editor at the MEN and Angie Robinson, chief executive of the GM Chamber.

The partnership is designed to offer all businesses the opportunities that only a few have access to.

You can download Ed Balls and the MEN Awards, or go to the UKFast Podcast page to find out more.