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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

The US Government is on YouTube

26 September 2006 by Mother Superior

We have been talking for a while about the importance of businesses placing themselves in the same arenas online that their target audiences appear in and the US Office of National Drug Control Policy has done just that by getting itself a YouTube page.

They’ve uploaded their tv ads and are getting a respectable amount of hits. One video has been watched by over 10,000 people in the last week. That’s people actually choosing to click on and view.

As well as the tv ads they have filmed a conference discussing the rate of teenage drug use reducing. However, the video – displayed in 3 parts reveals a naivety in the system. YouTube orders from the most recent downward and so, it highlights part 3 of the report above the other two. The result is over 2000 views for part 3, less than half this for part one and only 367 views for part 2. Does this suggest that the whole thing is not worth sitting through? Or simply indicate the time restrictions we face in reaching this audience? After all – the adverts are 30 seconds long, while the reports weigh in at 4 or 5 minutes a go.

It’s a big step though and I would say it will prompt similar moves from public sectors across the world. I wonder whether the private sector will be as transparent in their involvement?