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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

A Time for Start-ups and Pattern Recognition

7 September 2006 by Mother Superior

Esther Dyson, editor-at-large of CNet has done a short interview with the Guardian that covers useful ground.

She has a very broad knowledge of the industry and the interview is well worth reading. I’m pleased she raised the point that developing nations are not only producers but they are consumers. We spend too much energy bemoaning the competition they bring into the market place and not enough time looking for opportunities in these fruitful consumer climates.

She also takes the idea of the semantic web in a different direction by talking about pattern recognition being the next big step on the net. Once again – it all comes back to relevance. She believes Google is not the ‘be all’ as Google doesn’t understand meaning.

So good luck to all of you currently working on this kind of technology. I suspect it will burst into cyberspace all at once and present Google with some real challenges.

Have a read of the interview.