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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Building the Profile of a Creative Sector

6 September 2006 by Mother Superior

Yesterday, I spent the day at FACT in Liverpool. I was producing a podcast for the Arts Council, who were presenting a one day conference for Arts organisations across the North West.

The day was all about blogging, podcasting, RSS and e-marketing and it was interesting to see the spread of knowledge across the delegates. Some knew all about the various techniques but many were there because they were entering at ground level.

Perhaps, most interesting was the fact that the majority of the clued up members worked for the smallest organisations. They’d already got to grips with various technologies through the need to stretch very limited budgets.

It felt a little bit like taking coals to Newcastle. With podcasting being a very creative medium, I spent a lot of time talking to some of the North West’s most creative thinkers about how they can innovate their web services.

The podcast (online soon) offers a flavour of the day and gives direction to some pioneering thoughts about the arts sector online today – so it’ll be well worth listening to. A podcast can only be as good as its subjects and there was a wealth of knowledge and experience at FACT yesterday, so I am looking forward to the end result.