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Revenue Drives Difficult Decisions

22 August 2006 by Mother Superior

The Internet is driven by the need to monetise, that’s a given, but as the fastest growing industry in the world it seems to work much faster than any other.

Just as articles spring up on the Internet about the gap between social networking sites and brand advertising the solutions also start to present themselves.

It’s interesting that while articles like ‘Pairing the Odd Couple’ look to the brand managers to access the way forward, the actual steps are being taken by those who are likely to benefit massively – the social networking sites. YouTube’s decision to create defined areas is guided by the desire to attract advertising from brand builders determined to achieve relevant environments for their images.

Similar to the content producers versus connectivity providers argument, there will always be a solution that brings greater wealth to both parties.

However, the world’s traditional content producers need to start to work at the rate of the Internet entrepreneurs such as YouTube and MySpace if they want to stay on top of the viewers when the big switch to Online TV happens.