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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

What Makes You an Author?

16 August 2006 by Mother Superior

One of the Time top 50 websites of 2006 is Time concentrates on the site’s service of turning blogs into hard copy books and it got me thinking about what gives information authority.

The web has nurtured the emergence of amongst other things, blogs and citizen journalism and their popularity has proved that people will read and be influenced by certain things. In varying amounts; good quality writing, individual opinions, insightful thinking, an original eye on a topic and authenticity have combined to deliver a new accessible genre of writing that suits both mass consumption and niche groups. And those that make connections with their readers grow to become respected and successful.

So why do we need to combine individual blogs in a print format? Do we feel that our opinions and experience come with more clout if they are bound in hardback? Do we believe that selling our knowledge is the best way to gauge how valuable it is? It’s not as though the web has no other ways to chart this.

Will the success of depend on the ego’s of writers who feel that there is still an important devide between published and unpublished writers?