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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

The World’s Content Providers no Longer?

14 August 2006 by Mother Superior

While Disney is currently ruling out big Internet partnerships, Viacom is trying to gain ground on Murdoch as he continues to gallop away in the broadcasters online race. Not only is Viacom looking closely at Bebo, but Techcrunch tells us that the media giant is buying Atom Entertainment, home to Atom Films, which highlights short films and also has a series of gaming sites.

And with new surveys telling us that the younger generation spends less and less time watching tv and more and more time online, it’s no surprise that the world’s content providers are no longer the world’s content providers.

But can they pull back the mantle? News Corp seems to be having a go. It’s about a year since Murdoch brought MySpace and he’s about to start selling his broadcast content direct to its users.

What is Viacom waiting for? And what does Disney have up its sleeve?