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Blessed be the Blog

21 July 2006 by Chris N

A while ago the Web was in the grip of robots. Take two of the classic web searches (no, not those two, this is a family blog) – consumer electronics and celebrities. I’d be searching for a USB powered keyboard warmer and the latest pictures of Brian Blessed, and all I’d get was a hundred price comparison websites and some generic celeb-pic site with only a couple of fuzzy pics of Brian and a hundred links trying to sell me junk I didn’t need, USB powered mouse-mat warmers? Useless!

These searches are bound to still have Google spit a lot of the old rubbish back at me, but nowadays the blogging explosion means that quite a lot of information on the web is now back to being produced by real, living, breathing people. Amidst the auto-generated pap, I’ll typically be able to read someone slagging off the latest USB powered keyboard warmer (and saying that Apple are about to come out with one that’ll revolutionise PC interface heating), and a few reviews of Brian Blessed’s astonishing performance on Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes.

The web is being repopulated by real content, now that it’s finally possible for totally non-technical types and geeks alike to get involved. As of this week, India can get involved too – now that the Indian government has lifted its recent blogging ban, that’s another billion people to contribute some real content to our web. Now, considering I was lying in the last paragraph and can find hardly anything about Brian Blessed’s astonishing performance on Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes, I’m hoping at least a few of the billion can get writing about this important matter. Real content! Let’s go!