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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Will PR Need Journalists in 5 Years Time?

11 July 2006 by Mother Superior

An interesting question came up last week at the CIPR Northern Conference in Leeds.

Julia Hobsbawn had just been talking about how new media has changed the landscape in terms of reporting news and the rise of the columnist within newspapers.

The question was ‘We know journalists can’t do without PR, but can PR now do without journalists?’

I agree with Julia’s answer, which was that we will need journalists as they are still a quality gauge and as such consumers have built a level of trust with them that the Internet is still some way off reaching.

Even when a business press release appears almost unchanged in a paper, it is much more credible for the public, because it has been chosen to appear on the pages of the publication than if it were on the company’s website.

Trust is still the most important commodity in terms of reaching an audience, but I wonder how long will it be before the Internet and globalisation make this less important and if they do, what might the world’s most important commodities become for reaching consumers in our global marketplace?