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New Media is the Way Forward for PR

10 July 2006 by Mother Superior

The CIPR Northern conference last Thursday was full of great speakers and new ideas for the PR community – and the most resounding gong was for blogging and the new media techniques.

The new media in this case is the myriad of ways that we can use the Internet to reach all our stakeholders and customers and every single session included at least a passing glance to how we must change our thinking to incorporate the Net.

I was there producing a podcast for the conference, which I have been editing over the last few days. It will be online by tomorrow and I’ll include a link to it as soon as possible. It gives a flavour of the event and you’ll see just how prominent blogging and the Internet are.

In particular, the keynote speakers looked at the effect of social networking and the globalisation of information and stories.

More news on this soon…