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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Suing the Internet

4 July 2006 by Mother Superior

Have a look at some of the big stories about the Internet so far this week. Here are a few headlines and links:

Rank outsider sues Google over zero score
Music industry to sue Yahoo China
UK lawsuit proceeds against Russian MP3 site
Image-based spam on the rise

Yesterday, I promoted the opportunity for people to tell ICANN, the Internet’s ‘ruling body’ what they think ICANN should stand for and should be championing on behalf of the online world.

Probably one of the biggest issues is that of bringing into line with each nation an industry that connects us. Internet Law has to be one of the most difficult areas but most important to clarify.

As businesses, we know that loopholes in the law can often bring opportunities and increased wealth. The Internet seems full of loopholes that we are only just beginning to discover – or at least, official bodies are only just beginning to try and close.

Is there a way to create Internet Law and maintain it as a global community? Or are we going to see content restricted to specific geographical areas (as we already have in China).

When I bought a few cassettes from a Turkish market back in 1991, they were a fraction of the price they would be in the UK and yet there was no outcry or talk of the courts. The global reach of sites like will be addressed in the British courts and beyond and then we will see the movie industry going through much of what the music industry has, unless Internet Laws are established and agreed upon.

But can you see this happening? And should the same competitive environment exist online that countries experience offline?