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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Television on the Internet

28 June 2006 by Mother Superior

I read an interesting research paper on The Register entitled IPTV/VoD: The fall of content’s kingdom this week and have been thinking about it a fair bit.

IPTV will almost certainly be the way to watch TV programmes on your computer – or TV through a hard drive box before too long. But there’s a conflict thus far between the programme makers and the ISPs/telcos because one can’t do it well without the other and this kind of bandwidth doesn’t come cheap.

The paper talks about the need to offer better alternatives to piracy and the difficulties facing the big companies in trying to achieve this. One possible solution put by the writer Alexander Cameron is Google Ad Words and the personalisation of advertising.

However, it takes for granted that we do not mind Google discovering all about us in order to present us with the most relevant adverts. What with Google talking about listening to our TVs through our computers, how many consumers actually want this kind of intrusion?

One company that looks to be finding alternatives is Murdoch’s News Corporation the parent company of the UK’s BSkyB. In the last year he has made a series of interesting moves. As a content provider he needs to have a foothold in the Internet infrastructure, which explains the purchase of EasyNet an ISP. The other interesting purchase is MySpace which gives him influence over one of the largest online communities on the planet. So he is reaching the audience and finding ways to provide the content.

But is this a direction that other content providers can afford?