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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

A New Netscape for the Less Personalised Web

15 June 2006 by Mother Superior

My immediate thoughts on the rebirth of Netscape are that AOL are joining a selection of content providers appealing to the lethargic nature of Internet users.

I can see Netscape appealing heavily to those who are not web savvy enough to download a comprehensive aggregator and choose their own RSS feeds.

But RSS is a bigger issue here than some might think. If user trends continue towards personalisation on the web then more people will be interested in using emerging platforms such as Windows Live and Google’s personalisation system than a site that makes you work to find the content.

Will Netscape therefore go down the Ajax route in order to compete directly with the big players? If not, then the success of the new site will depend very much on the quality of commentary its editors provide on the existing stories that web users can easily access themselves.

I hope the site works for AOL/Netscape though, as it would be good to see them competing again with the Internet giants that have left them behind in recent years.