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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

A Growing Business is Like a Starfish

14 June 2006 by Mother Superior

There’s a story going around that Starfish have incredible regenerative powers. So much so that when they lose a leg (or a ray) they grow one back. This may not seem that incredible – after all lizards can grow tails back and there are many other similar accounts in the animal kingdom. What is impressive is the suggestion that the severed leg (ray) can grow itself a starfish.

This kind of regeneration or enhanced recycling is something that we can be doing in business all the time. Every morning I generate business stories based around what our visitors are interested in reading. These in turn create themes and topics that I can discuss with clients and build into podcasting features, which may turn up interesting comment and opinion that can be acted upon and turned into Press Releases and even in some cases, new policy or product for the business.

This cycle of regeneration and development helps to build business in many different ways and reaches out to a global audience just as quickly as a local one.

And by blogging about it, I can create an extra layer within the cycle. How are you making sure you maximise on your information and expertise?