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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Web Individuality

5 June 2006 by Mother Superior

There is no more eclectic a community than the world wide web and it is a hot bed of innovation and experimentation. But in order to make money it’s a true test in individualism.

This weekend I heard the news that was ironically folding. The Ajax based homepage that began in beta just 3 months ago has most likely been beaten out by similar sites that allow you to create your own individual homepage such as Netvibes.

There’s no doubt that personalisation on the web is set to be a major part of the future as it allows us to assert our own individualism but another area that has allowed people to do this and make a living from it is the blogosphere.

Just as was closing its doors I discovered Dooce. The amount of comments on each post shows the popularity of this blog. You only need to read for a few minutes to realise that you’ve been drawn in by the originality of the voice. And she openly admits that since introducing ads to the site in Oct 2005, she and her family are well supported.

Is it possible that individuality in others interests the majority of people more than the opportunity to present individuality themselves?