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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

RSS over Search Engines?

1 June 2006 by Mother Superior

Following on from yesterday’s post about ‘ransomware’, I’ve noticed that the news sites are now featuring the same story the MEN broke yesterday. However, before I found it through the search engines my RSS feeds delivered the story on BBC News, The Register and The Times Online.

So as RSS becomes more widespread, what does this mean for search engines? If you use Google News or Yahoo News this morning, the story is picked up from all the sources above and more, but through a general web search none of the above appear in the top ten pages of results.

Is this an indication of the ‘invisible rules’ of search engine optimisation? Or is it a deliberate attempt by the search giants to delineate information into sections. Either way, my prefered way to receive news is through RSS, so what will happen to the engines if this becomes the mainstream method of receiving news and subsequently other types of information?