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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Bringing the New Web to the Uninitiated

25 May 2006 by Mother Superior

How do you bring web developments like RSS, blogging and Wiki to a wider audience and encourage use even from technophobes?

There are still many businesses using the Internet only because they feel they should be a part of it. But efficient online contact with potential clients in this category is reliant on their embracing the forms that we associate with Web 2.0 and becoming a part of our online circles.

Well, Winelog is a new wiki site set to draw a whole new audience into the arena. It’s almost an irresistible destination for any true wine lover and with a prominent blog, the chance to share each other’s favourites and a firm guiding hand the site will educate many in the potentials of online communication tools without them even realising it.

Coming soon on the site is the opportunity to have your own RSS feed direct from your personal winelog.

While the traditional networking circles are still alive and well, online arenas are opening up everywhere and it’s important now for businesses to make sure they are integrating into them.