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Working Within the Chain

The business world is a tremendously reliant one. I can’t think of any businesses that do not rely in one way or another on a supplier or a customer.

At one time it was the producer who held all the cards. High Street shops would buy perishable goods from farms and would sell based on what they could get. Nowadays, supermarkets have overturned that power, dictating what they want provided by whom, riding down prices and driving up quality. A good thing for the customer. A good thing for the supplier?

When you add the Internet into the equation you introduce further layers of reliance. The companies that house the world’s Internet sites are reliant on a multitude of suppliers, in the same way that Bill Gates needs computer makers and computer makers need chip suppliers.

Reliance is something that makes life a challenge but can also make it very frustrating. I wonder if you can think of any businesses that do not rely on outside forces of one kind or another?

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