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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

New Domains to Ease Communication?

18 May 2006 by Mother Superior

The announcement has come this week that ICANN has accepted a proposal for the new top level domain .tel to go forward. The domain is sponsored by telecommunications company Telnic and aims to provide users with the ability to contact a company (or a person) by using instead of having to know numbers.

I’ve been trying this morning to contact Telnic about this and find out more. There are details on their website and ICANN also has an explanation (albeit less straight forward) on their site but I’d like to find out the things they don’t tell us.

In the UKFast Podcast, I discussed tld’s a few weeks ago and this new development feels worth a little extra feature. If you look at the FAQ’s on the Telnic site, you’ll find information about new software needed and the solution is to get the newly developed software from Telnic themselves. Suddenly the reason for the new tld starts to make more commercial sense.

The board at ICANN must realise this, as one of the members Susan Crawford has questioned ICANN’s role in choosing sponsors after this decision. It suggests to me that the commercial gains often outweigh the actual necessity for the domain to come into fruition.

I keep an open mind however and await a return call…