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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Great Value Communication

15 May 2006 by Mother Superior

Last week, at Internet World, I was a little surprised at just how much attention my podcasting generated. While many of the crowd were very web savvy, a lot of them still did not quite understand why an Internet company would deal in audio production.

The most common question was – “Where’s the money in it?” After I explained the value of reaching out in a more personal way a lot of them would agree that the return on investment, while not directly about revenue could actually be of very great value to them.

It strikes me that business on the Internet has thrown a great many into a face value environment, in which they feel they do not need to reveal their genuine personality. Some have thrived by creating a compelling facade, with great products and website functionality. I have a feeling that this is going to change now though.

An astonishing amount of people took a great interest in blogging and podcasting and also appreciated the theories behind their use – namely that they allow users to get to know a business better and build a stronger sense of trust.

With trade on the Net becoming so competitive, a vast number of consumers are likely to start choosing their favourites based on their relationship with them and sites that continue without true substance will definitely suffer.

This is what my experience suggests. I’d be really interested to know other people’s thoughts.