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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Things Can Only Get Better

10 May 2006 by Chris N

Hello Earth! When people come to me seeking a deeper understanding of what a web developer does, I usually mumble something about back ends and databases and how it’s much more interesting to do than talk about. Well today I feel like being more forthcoming, so here’s a post about the joys of web dev.

Now (and forgive me for dipping into a bit of UKFast promotion here) I’ve been working on our new Client Area for a couple of weeks now, and it’s struck me that the best bit of working on the web is the changeability of it all. Whilst there’s always got to be a deadline, things are never set in stone. Nothing’s ever perfect, but working in this fluid medium means that, if an improvement occurs to me, I can make it – now, or in the future.

Say you’re a novelist, and you’ve just noticed you’ve used the word… I don’t know… ‘wow’ far too many times, so many times that it looks ridiculous, hey, you used it five times on page 57 alone… well, you’ve just had that book published and now you look silly, you wow-obsessed fool. You can only beg the readers ‘be kind to my mistakes’. If I on the other hand suddenly notice I’ve got far too many… I don’t know… mysql_query commands going on in a script, hey, I used it five times on line 57 alone… well, I can fix it just like that – either now, or in the future when somebody goes ‘Oi Chris, you mysql_query obsessed fool’.

Of course there are times when you could have done with some burning bridges, and you really really don’t want to see X Y or Z script again. But on the whole, it’s a satisfying plus-side to this beast we call development.