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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Microsoft vs Google Developments

2 May 2006 by Mother Superior

Since I logged on this morning and read about Amazon and this weekend’s change of search allegiance from Google to Microsoft for and, America has woken and the debate has moved on a pace.

The New York Times has published an article discussing just how potentially serious this battleground is and it is being debated all over the net.

Microsoft’s concerns centre around Google’s potential to become a kind of operating system of the Internet in the same way that Windows is the dominant operating system of personal computing.

And Microsoft has announced that it is boosting its spending by $2billion, which comes shortly after Google’s talk about increasing theirs by $1.5billion.

Nicholas Carr poses an interesting question. Was it money that pressed the change from Amazon – if so how much did it cost Microsoft and could this be part of a bigger deal?

While the world is talking about it, the companies involved are not showing their hands, so who will make the next move?