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One for the Newspapers

31.5.2006 by Mother Superior

It's very rare to type a phrase into Google Suggest and be told that there are only 205 results. But such is the case for "ransomware." Even more astonishing is that ransomware was brought to my attention by the Manchester Evening News today. My daily browse of BBC Online, The Register and did not bring anything to light and yet, the front page of the local paper delivered a story of International importance about cybercrime through the tale of a local woman. The first entry Google does offer is the Wikipedia definition which is worth a read. It's hugely…

Web 2 point Oh (no)

30.5.2006 by Chris N

Books of academic criticism of a certain movement, whether literary, artistic or philosophical, always seem to start with the same introduction. Say you're reading about abstract expressionism. The intro will say 'first, what is abstract expressionism? It's hard to define…

Bringing the New Web to the Uninitiated

25.5.2006 by Mother Superior

How do you bring web developments like RSS, blogging and Wiki to a wider audience and encourage use even from technophobes? There are still many businesses using the Internet only because they feel they should be a part of it.…

World Wide Web Conference

24.5.2006 by Mother Superior

The World Wide Web Conference 2006 is on this week in Edinburgh and the buzz today surrounded the 'semantic web.' For many, the semantic web is the real Web 2.0. I'd recommend a read of a BBC report that discusses…

TV Times

23.5.2006 by Chris N

This year Big Brother rolled out its uber-trashy all-seeing televisual eyes amidst a welter of warnings - 'kiss goodbye to your summer' cried everyone from Heat magazine to BB's own increasingly cartoonish Davina McCall. There's a grain of truth in…

Working Within the Chain

22.5.2006 by Mother Superior

The business world is a tremendously reliant one. I can't think of any businesses that do not rely in one way or another on a supplier or a customer. At one time it was the producer who held all the…

The Names of the Tools of the Trade

19.5.2006 by Chris N

As usual the web is lit up like an indignant christmas tree with discussions about the latest developments in what is usually (and somewhat laughably) called the console war. The big news is Nintendo's unhinged decision to call their new…

New Domains to Ease Communication?

18.5.2006 by Mother Superior

The announcement has come this week that ICANN has accepted a proposal for the new top level domain .tel to go forward. The domain is sponsored by telecommunications company Telnic and aims to provide users with the ability to contact…

Traditional Travel Catches up

17.5.2006 by Mother Superior

Within the same week, UK travel agent Thomson announces which is the best International Insurance to get when traveling and he also announces his growing success online and one of the Internet stalwarts Expedia suffers a drastic fall in shares…

Welcome to Userville

16.5.2006 by Chris N

Working in IT is only marginally less stressful than working at CTU, a recent poll suggests. Well colour me surprised - bet if you did a similar poll of carribean beach-bar barmen they'd be moaning about the hazards of falling…