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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager


28 April 2006 by Chris N

When people watch me browsing they think I’m weird – even when I’m not on – because my name is Chris and I am a selecting-things-on-the-screen addict.

When I’m reading something on the web I compulsively select and deselect text with the mouse. I’ll click and drag to highlight from the bottom of a paragraph, all the way up to the top. Then I’ll click elsewhere to clear the selection, click and drag from the top of the paragraph to the bottom, lather, rinse, and repeat about fifty times.

The select-itis does not stop there. Give me a windows desktop and a slightly distracted mind and I’ll easily spend ten minutes clicking and dragging to bring up that little lasso, making the little icons go all blue and then back to normal. My poor iconic fools, behold the selectifying power of my mighty mouse and weep!

I can’t stop. I’ve been doing it whilst writing this. Is it ny hands trying to keep themselves occupied when they’re not flying over the keys? Is it some deep psychological need to make everything… turn… blue? Is it something that always annoys Daz when he’s looking at my screen? (yes to that last one). I don’t know if anyone else has select-itis, or any similar afflictions, but whilst I’m waiting to find out I’m off back to my PHP code for a bit more click, drag, click… click, drag, click…