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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Russia – the Internet Villain or Hero?

7 April 2006 by Mother Superior

American congress has named China and Russia the world’s two biggest Internet pirates. Earlier this year, the UK’s ISPA named Russia in its top 5 Internet villains and this week an XTN Data survey tells us that Russia’s is one of the three most popular legal music download sites in the world. Although, the site is called quasi-legal by many.

I’m with the consumer perspective on this. If you create a global market and encourage anyone to sell within it, then you have to be prepared that someone somewhere will be able to provide at a cheaper rate than others. I know a lot of people from different walks of life that download music from allofmp3 and will continue to do so until they are told that it is illegal. Quite simply – as consumers, we want value for money. It’s not as though our first thought is for the starving music executives, it’s more likely to be for the huge price rises we’ve seen over the years on CD’s.

Should allofmp3 be bundled into the ‘villain’ category? People find the loop holes in business everywhere in order to get the legal edge. Often they’re closed. But until this loop hole is closed isn’t it more of a ‘hero’ for the people?