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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Getting 100% out of Meetings

30 March 2006 by Mother Superior

I was interested to read Seth Godin’s post about investing in meetings as an audience this morning as it’s currently quite pertinent to UKFast.

It relates in two senses – with internal and external meetings.

UKFast is expanding. In order to build every department in tandem the senior management are engaging in meetings with the Chairman, where the onus is on them to all contribute to and be informed on each others area. Having worked at companies where a line is drawn between being in charge of a meeting and being present at it, the bonuses of this approach are truly refreshing.

Investment in the bigger picture means that all departments are actively building a greater understanding of each other that filters down through the whole organisation. As a communications manager, I love it.

Yesterday we mocked up some presentations with our new account handlers. The brief was to inform us about UKFast’s products and services and what makes the company special. Baring in mind that they are currently experiencing an information overload, we were unsure what the results would be. One thing struck me. When a salesperson believes the importance of the final element of the brief the products and services just about sell themselves. It’s about how you do it more than what you do.

In both cases, believing in what you are doing and investing in it brings the rewards whether you are the audience or the speaker.