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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Is AjaxWrite the New Microsoft Word?

24 March 2006 by Mother Superior

Like most of my generation, I have not written a document without the aid of a keyboard for about 10 years. I remember a strange transition period at University in the mid 90’s when I would begin writing essays in freehand and then type them up in the final draft! The moment I realised I could do an essay in half the time by starting on the computer I never looked back!

Since then, Microsoft Word has been the obvious and only choice for me and most others I know. But today, in a more modern kind of cross-platform collaboration to my essay writing of old, I am typing this in AjaxWrite and then pasting it into my blog software!

Google have just bought Writely so we can expect their challenge to Microsoft’s Office products on the horizon, but AjaxWrite has launched this week and the Net is talking about it. Creator Michael Robertson says that for 90% of the world’s population, the need to buy Microsoft Word just vanished. There are those who agree.

It’s fitting that Internet Explorer does not support this new tool, so you need to use Firefox 1.5 or above to get it up and running. Why not have a look and see what you think.