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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

What’s Your Story?

21 March 2006 by Mother Superior

Every morning I check my RSS feeds and you can guarantee that one name will come up more than any other – but more than that – this company will be mentioned in a positive light nine times out of ten. The company is of course Google. I guess it could have been Microsoft, but the sun shines a little less for Microsoft.

Just this morning, the news is out on Google Finance. Reading through articles I begin to believe that Google Finance will be better than all financial sites that have gone before. I think, “Yahoo! has been going for ten years, but I reckon Google might just do it better.” Then I read that the online brokers also feel the threat and I feel sorry for them, but wonder if we, the world’s businesses, are better off with Google doing it anyway!

I just assume that they have the globes’ best financial analysts working with them and that they know us well enough to work out exactly what we want. And I do this, because Google has very successfully sold us a story that we not only believe, but want to believe. Even if we try hard not to, we can’t help but admire the innovators of Mount View California because all their gadgets make our lives easier and more fun.

What Google has achieved as a massive corporate is very impressive. They have gained the general public’s trust and maintain such a buzz that we want to talk about them. Seth Godin calls this Flipping the Funnel and believes that any business that can inspire the public to do their talking for them is truly on the track to success.

I wonder whether you agree? Or maybe not? If the very thought of Google makes you scream and run for cover, then I’d love to know why.