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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Conversations are Happening

20 March 2006 by Mother Superior

I’m excited to be starting the UKFast blog because it’s a brilliant way to open up new routes of communication with not only existing clients, but all those interested in the incredible potential of the Internet.

I’d like the UKFastblog to develop into a community that embraces and discusses the world it resides in, find it’s own place within the blogosphere and encourage other businesses to get online and engage in ‘conversation.’

On his blog mediations earlier this month, Philip Young, wrote about institutions and businesses wary of allowing comment and dialogue to spread, companies that discourage ‘talk’ in case it is of a negative nature. I think it’s this kind of approach that deterred the majority of businesses from embracing blogging a few years ago in the UK.

As Philip points out – conversations are happening anyway. You can either join in and represent yourself or allow talk to grow into gossip and in many cases misrepresentation. Wouldn’t you rather have ‘knowledge’ than ‘blissful ignorance’?

As an Internet Service Provider, UKFast has a great role to play in the dialogue about our industry and so we’ll be posting every weekday from now on. We have a great deal of expertise within our walls and I’ll be calling on it to discuss anything and everything happening in the online world and how it might affect businesses online and off.

Hopefully, a number of you will join me to become commentators and decision makers in the Internet as it continues evolving.