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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

How to guarantee IT flexibility through these uncertain times

7.1.2022 by Sheetal Targe

We discuss how the right virtual private cloud environment can help provide flexibility, stability and predictable costs whatever happens with the pandemic. As businesses settle down into the new year, uncertainty seems to be the watchword of 2022. While the latest COVID variant spreads its way across the country, businesses look towards a third year of potential lockdowns, remote working and guessing which government-imposed restrictions will apply this week.  One thing, however, is certain: we’ve never been in more uncertain times. Now, businesses need to be able to instantly adapt to changes in demand, working requirements and operating conditions. So…

British Normandy Memorial

6.1.2022 by Sheetal Targe

Discover how UKFast helped bring the official opening of the Normandy Memorial to hundreds of veterans.   The British Normandy Memorial records the names of the 22,442 servicemen and women under British command who fell on D-Day and during the…

Resilience Direct 

16.12.2021 by Katie Lander

Find out how UKFast helps emergency teams respond faster and smarter through the secure collaboration platform, Resilience Direct.  When disaster strikes, a fast response is vital. Information can mean the difference between saving a life and losing one, so providing…

Log4j vulnerability: What you need to know to stay safe

13.12.2021 by Katie Lander

On Friday, a serious new vulnerability was published affecting Log4j, an open-source logging framework that’s widely used across many Java-based enterprise applications and web apps. If correctly exploited, hackers can use this to gain remote access to a business’ servers…

What you should look for in cloud customer support | UKFast

25.11.2021 by Katie Lander

Why customer service is important When it comes to your organisations’ IT, excellent customer support is indispensable. Whether you’re running a customer app, data platform or eCommerce website, downtime or security breaches can seriously damage the reputation of your brand…

Load Balancer: Our next generation load balancing solution

23.11.2021 by Katie Lander

Handle even the busiest times 02/12/2021, Manchester: Today we’re introducing our latest Load Balancing solution, which allows businesses to self-serve from within MyUKFast, and offers new game-changing functionalities powered by a publicly available API.  The new solution helps organisations better…

Keeping it cool in the data centre

18.11.2021 by Katie Lander

As customers everywhere demand more environmentally friendly products and services, the pressure is now on for business leaders to deliver.  According to one study, as many as 99% of CEOs surveyed said that sustainability issues are major priorities for their…

UKFast: How we’re fixing Britain’s skills gap alongside the world’s biggest tech firms

11.11.2021 by Katie Lander

By Arlene Bulfin, Director of People Development at UKFast How do you upskill and retrain an entire generation of workers to fill an estimated three million new tech jobs by 2025? That’s the dilemma our country now faces, with digital…

Cloud vs. on-premises: It’s not either/or any more

4.11.2021 by Katie Lander

In 2021, cloud computing is more popular than ever. After an unprecedented move towards remote working over the past year, organisations everywhere have decided the benefits of the cloud vastly outweigh the drawbacks. In fact, according to Gartner, global cloud…

4 ways to help your eCommerce site thrive post-pandemic

28.10.2021 by Katie Lander

The pandemic has driven a vast and transformative digital transformation in the retail industry. As lockdowns came and went, retailers everywhere realised that eCommerce was a vital lifeline to safeguard their business through disruption. Now, the challenge is to use…