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Blogs from Lawrence Jones

A Light in the Dark

It is hard to comprehend the events that happened at the political heart of our country yesterday. Our proud capital attacked, five lives lost and 40 people injured. It’s unimaginable. For me, watching the news coverage, I was incredibly proud to see the amazing response of our emergency services. Doctors and nurses ran from a nearby hospital to treat the injured on the streets and Tory MP Tobias Ellwood did what he could to try...

Fly By

What a shame it is to read this afternoon that EU chiefs are warning airlines to relocate headquarters and sell off shares to European nationals if they are to continue continental Europe flights after Brexit. This could be disastrous for us as a country. We’re a small island, at the end of the day, and we rely on the incredible transport infrastructure we have in place – this is more than evident in the ever-expanding...

Give and Take

Are you a giver or a getter? It is an interesting question and I suppose most of us would like to think we are givers. But what about in the workplace? Almost 30 years in business has taught me that takers are rarely the people who experience sustained success. I have met some extraordinary business leaders and thinkers over the years and they all have a common trait: they’re supportive, they give back. Supporting others...

International Day of Happiness

What makes you happy? Whilst it is grey and raining outside, it is actually International Day of Happiness, so why not make the excuse to bring a little extra joy to your team today? That’s something that I aim to do every day at UKFast. Fun is part of our culture; it used to be a core value but that made it feel forced, it’s not something that we consciously choose to do, it’s something...

Breaking News

I grew up believing journalists have a responsibility to tell the truth and paint a clear and accurate picture of what is happening in the world. Lately, however, headlines are becoming more about grabbing people’s attention and selling as many papers as possible, often with no relation whatsoever to the story they are driving you towards. It seems a shame that some British newspapers are sinking to an all-time low, funding and fuelling mouthpieces like Katie...


It is clear that the UK needs more than one engine; London is close to overheating whilst Manchester is perfectly positioned to capitalise on the wealth of opportunities arising from the digital economy. Spending a few days in London at the Cloud Expo Europe with the UKFast team, and at various meetings, the buzz of the capital is infectious. Thousands of people attended the expo and came by the UKFast stand. There’s something special about...