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A security audit is a comprehensive review of your system, it is employed to prevent attacks and improve security. Security audits can be requested through your account manager.

The UKFast security audit minimises the risk of interruptions to your network and prevents unauthorised access by searching for and closing 'open doors'. If a threat is identified through the requested audit, our technicians will provide advice and guidance for the removal of the risk, and liaise with you to ensure that a threat of the same nature does not occur again.

If you've requested a security audit, you'll receive a report which will include an assessment of the vulnerabilities on the system, its threat level and how much of a risk is poses to your solution. This tool acts to reduce internet threats to your network and reduce costly downtime.

  • Minimise threats and downtime
  • Thorough audit by experts
  • Increased confidence for your clients
  • Report to highlight any potential vulnerabilities

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